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Things to Consider when Renting a Commercial Steam Boiler

Placing Temporary Oilfield Boiler Rooms:
We have a fleet of our own Portable Boiler Rentals- skid mounted and boiler rooms available for temporary or emergency steam requirements ranging in size from 50 Horsepower to 200 Horsepower. For rental boilers exceeding our stock capacities please contact us for more options. Sub-Zero Heating portable boiler rooms are a complete package; they are all pre-piped, pre-wired and contain lighting and heating. They are mounted on heavy duty skids so that the boiler room can be loaded and off-loaded using a tilt and load truck to eliminate the requirement of a crane.

Fuel Supply:
The majority of our commercial and industrial steam boilers are fired with #2 Fuel Oil that are designed to simplify the installation in an emergency situation. However, we do have dual fired units if gas is required. Gas supply lines must be sized for volume and pressure.

Electric Power Supply:
All of our rental oilfield boilers have their own power supply

Steam Line:
The steam line from the temporary oilfield boiler to your available connections within your plant is a major item. Steel line pipe and flexible high pressure hoses are available for temporary connections.

Always make certain that your equipment is designed for the pressure of the rental equipment.

Feed Water Supply:
All oilfield boiler rooms include a self contained water supply.

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